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Yokomo Drift Package Basic

Yokomo Drift Package Basic


  • $ 135.90

YOKOMO Drift Package Basic Kit (DP-DP8) 

It is the basic chassis combining the basic performance of a great car drift package and a reasonable price.

 This is a complete chassis, using the front and rear damper fixed upper arm and tie rod, the friction type, but metal bearings in the front and rear knuckle parts to improve the efficiency of the drivetrain. It becomes the simplest chassis configuration as a drift package series, and can also be upgraded with optional parts that are available in abundance. It is suitable of course for beginners, as well as a base chassis of expert drivers.

Main Specifications 
■ High efficiency shaft drive full-time 4WD system 
■ High rigidity Composite Molded chassis 
■ double wishbone suspension 
fixed tie rod of the alignment that is suitable for ■ drift 
■ rigid axle adoption (front & rear) 
■ Front universal shaft and rear dog bone 
■ resin shock absorber and coil spring 
■ Front Bumper and rear bumper 
■ aluminum die-cast clamp motor mount 
■ ball bearing (17 pcs.)


Excellent base care to start with.. especially if you are looking to convert or add aftermarket parts to! 


**NOTE** Not included in the kit: 2 channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell), charger, motor, body, polycarbonate for paint

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