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Wrap Up Next VX Front Knuckle -RED-

Wrap up next

  • $ 99.00

- 0222-FD

☆ high-end RWD-only knuckle "VX front knuckle" that enables a variety of set-up appearance!
☆ VX-DOCK-equipped vehicles, preeminent of compatibility to other wiper & slide car.
● "VX front knuckle", while the compact size that you followed the GX knuckle in on sale, by its own four-division structure, is a senior person for RWD dedicated front-knuckle that enables unprecedented variety of setup.
And the adjustment of the king pin angle (about 5deg~9deg) & scrub amount arbitrarily by the amount of spacer ●, trail by a combination of ball position and the block of the upper and lower two positions, can be four stages of selection in 1.6mm pitch. (You can select a further multiple of trail and attaching the top and bottom of the ball to cross.)
● L-type steering rod extension, by offset the mounting position of the pillow ball, adjusted to the central axis constraint without free height of the ball Possible. By bring the steering rod to the proper angle, it minimizes the bump changes due to stroke.
● In addition, a two-step the mounting position of the L-type steering rod extension in the transverse direction, can be finely adjusted in the shim in the rear. In addition, the extension can be used upside down.
● lineup silver, black, blue, four colors of red.
● 850 ball bearings, smart axle shaft attached.

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