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Wrap Up Next VX Dock DRB/DIB Pre-Order Blue

Wrap up next

  • $ 157.00

Bolt on the Slide Steering Unit “VX-DOCK” to DIB/DRB.
Advance your RWD machine with VX-DOCK!

Introducing the all new bolt on kit from WRAP-UP NEXT.
With this kit, the servo- in slide steering unit VX-DOCK,
which originally made as drift package optional parts, can be mounted to DIB/DRB.
With the attached mount set (lower plate & upper deck mount) makes the mount easy.
The front bulk head & shock tower, slide steering, and servo mount are all condensed in VX-DOCK.
By placing the steering servo at the center of the front bulk head,
the smooth direct linkage with minimum rattle creates the most appropriate steering angle for RWD and ackerman.
The set includes the carbon upper arm brace to be attached directly onto VX-DOCK to increases the
retention force and durability. (the lower plate& upper deck mount are all in black.)

Newly designed mount set makes the mounting easy.

The mount set can be purchased independently.

VX-DOCK is designed to be used with the long adjustable servo horn and HD upper arm,
which can be purchased separately.

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