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Topline Drift King 2WD Tire (Polycarbonate)

Topline Drift King 2WD Tire (Polycarbonate)


  • $ 8.25

Dorikingu Drive TOPLINE 2 (Drift King 2WD)

Extreme steering angle on RWD cars with the wrong tire compound tend to make the car "crab" a kind of sideways stop and go motion in the turn. These TOPLINE tires compound and 1/4 radius sidewall design prevent the snagging of the front tires by allow just enough slippage, but maintaining enough grip to steer smoothly thru the sweep or tight radius turn.

One of the most slick front tires you can use for carpet application, good solid contact patch through-out drift angle and drive lines

They are available in three hardness grades - Polycarbonate (hardest) PP (less harder) and PE (least hardest) PE Compound are used asphalt and concrete

2 pcs.

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