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Swirl Titanium Mega Soft Spring Kit

Swirl Titanium Mega Soft Spring Kit


  • $ 34.95

  • wire diameter 1.2mm 
  • 8.50 Green
  • 8.75 Red
  • 9.00 Brown
  • 9.25 Yellow 
  • 9.50 White 
  • coated with nice black semi-gloss finish

Complete spring kit, please note this spring kit is more stiffer version of the giga spring kit. Made of high quality Japanese titanium, the swirl mega spring kit offers amazing consistency and predictable dampening characteristics. Titanium springs are known to be more durable and longer lasting than traditional steel springs, these excel well with those who use more heavy weighted cars but still want that soft suspension feel. 

Definitely an affordable and must have item for all those RC Drift tuning enthusiast 

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