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M's Products WPC precision dampers

M's products

  • $ 37.45

  • WPC treatment + Flourine coating inside the damper cylinder, this process helps deliver outstanding performance and provide excellent longevity. 
  • Treatments mentioned above provide a near "glass" finish which allows for precision and friction less dampening 
  • Please click here for the definition of WPC
    ○ cylinder = standard size cylinder (mirror processing and fluorine coating)
    ○ damper shaft = standard size shaft (WPC treatment shafts)
    ○ other, damper assembly comes with the parts necessary to finish build
  • high quality silicone o-ring is included in the seal kit along with (PTFE bottom seals)
  • PTFE is a synthetic polymer used in multiple applications, it is self lubricating because of its oil based properties, resilient to heat, pressure, and is known for having one of the lowest coefficients against solids (which means its its super smooth in operation and prevents any binding in the piston rod)


Here is a link for more information on the material used on the PTFE bottom seals. >Click Here< 

  • spring does not come in the kit. 
  • Please browse our website for your spring needs or use your use your existing springs. 
  • damper shares TRF spec sizing 
  • MP-21
  • highest standard quality! made in japan. 
  • 2 PCS 

Here is a video of the damper assembly by Dr. M's himself 

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