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M's Products Ver 2. damper seal system (TRF)

M's products

  • $ 11.25

  • material is made out of PTFE which used for teflon/flourine products. the benefit of this material is that it allows for friction less movement in the damper cylinder. 
  • its is considered to be the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid
  • spacers are provided in the kit for precision fitting 
  • high quality japanese made silicone O-rings are provided in the kit
  • this system was specially engineered by M's products to help also those who struggle with leaking dampers. the response has been great on this product and the seals remain leak free after several hours of abuse 
  • piston rod guides are provided in the package; these guides provide precision fitting and smooth strokes of the shaft 
  • MP-28
  • for TRF dampers 

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