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Active Hobby Aluminum CNC Chassis Conversion (silver)

active hobby

  • $ 150.00

  • The high traction aluminum narrow 3mm maine chassis which processed CNC by one piece from aluminum materials.
    Chassis rigidity is high, and traction control is easy and greatly changes Drift performance and the visual.
  • Aluminum Center long lower bulk to ensure the pitching direction of rigidity is included. Upper Deck is not required.
  • Stylish it was thinner narrow chassis. Road surface interference in cornering it was adopted throughout the design to minimize.
  • Cooling holes and side dams that make full use of the design. It will support the aggressive motor cooling.
    Aluminum chassis will contribute greatly to the motor heat dissipation effect of running.
  • Lipobattery of the standard size and the short lipobattery support, too

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