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Yokomo Yd2+ PLUS build log.

Posted by Chris Kinner on

Hey there Chris here again with another Jackknife customs build. Very lucky to have found a friend with a deal I had to go for. I have heard and seen great things and wanted to see what the "hype" was all about. Over all I am impressed with the quality of build immensely, but have not yet had enough time to get a good opinion of how it runs. I bought a new OMG servo at the shop the track was at, and borrowed the aforementioned  friends' wonderful soldering iron that saved my butt. Thanks again to everybody who helped me out its much appreciated!

Shameless unboxing pictures, hey I'm saving you how many minutes ? <3

It got dark the first of 3 days I spent taking these pictures. I spent the night building the shocks. Didn't document that much considering I built them exactly to the instructions description. With the upgraded shocks I thoroughly enjoyed the build and quality, the seals all held, the cap was easy to screw on without bothering the diaphragm. I am very happy with them.

First mod I intend to try is the swirl giga soft springs. Side by side they feel incredibly close to the original springs, and they were made in the same factory overdose springs are from.

On to the fascinating gear box and oil differential I have heard so much about. Never tried a gear diff before this should be interesting!

I actually put the diff in the vacuum chamber while assembling. I built them using the box supplied 30,000 cst silicone diff oil.

There she is in all her beauty! Thank you so much for looking <3

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