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NEW Swirl brand products!!!

Posted by Chris Kinner on

Chris here testing out the new Swirl products they have been coming out with. YES! Swirl, the name we all know and love for quality super soft springs of the utmost quality and performance... IS MAKING MORE STUFF!!!!!!!

Yes more compounds of tire, as well as front specially cut tires from us RWD drifters. The rubber o rings are for around the rim for you to slide the tire on top of. The ring grips and helps center the precisely cut tire. 

As you can see the cut is precise, and the finish is top quality. Today I used the concrete tire on carpet, which satisfied my need for a high amount of grip with my baby here, the D-Like hybrid RER. When I went to another local track they still provided a good amount of grip, but are soft enough to get scratched up enough on the polished concrete to keep the carpet compound for carpet. 


As for the rear tires, those come in the set of 4, the carpet tires were unfortunately too fast. we usually use mst silver dot "hard" tires and we are looking for a slower compound. However, when I went to the polished concrete track I love to go to the carpet tires were actually a good consistent slow speed. The concrete tires are going to end up being parking lot bashers. 


Oh, and the roll of clear body tape you see there... just wait. I love that stuff so much I am going to make a whole nother write up for it. I'm using it on my drift cars, but loving it for my touring racers!

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