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Precision Damper Goods! M's Products Damper Sleeve V2!

Posted by Chris Mach on

M's Products have been coming out with some intriguing parts and accessories. They're not your normal cookie cutter versions of other parts available. The coin spent is well worth for their performance gains. Particularly the V2 damper sleeves I'm reviewing today. My test subject will be the shocks on my RC- Art Banshee which are TRF based, so they utilize identical dimensions.


This is what comes in the package. A diagram, detailed instructions and the hard goods. What makes these different from the V1 model is these utilize teflon shaft guides instead of alloy guides for far less friction. These also come with shims to adjust "the squeeze" on the o-ring for precise friction control. The shims sizes are 0.10mm and 0.13mm. There are 4 per shim size. You will not find another system that pays this much attention to precision.


On the left is your conventional 1:10 oiled shock shaft seals. The right is the M's Products units. O-ring upper shaft guide, 0.13 shim, 0.10 shim and the lower shaft guide. They are installed o-ring first, then large shaft guide (hollowed side over o-ring), the appropriate shims, and lastly the lower shaft guide. The upper shaft guide fits snug as they retain the o-ring so air doesn't seep in when a shim needs to be added or removed. Less friction on any moving parts means less variables to worry about. Then spring and oil tuning will be a more apparent. It is truly night and day how smoothness has changed in the dampers.


My final impressions after install:  If you're looking for the best, then skip the rebuild kits and go straight to the M's Damper Sleeves for a couple more dollars. These are guaranteed to provide proper damper motion throughout the stroke; a true game changer. M's Products does not disappoint, which is becoming a fact of life for me the more M's products I analyze, test and abuse. CHRIS OUT!


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