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Topline Ball Reamers - Finding that perfect fit

Posted by Clement Travert on

Getting rid of friction within plastic ball ends can be a pain sometimes. Luckily for us, Topline just released some miniature ball reaming tools that will satisfy all you tool nuts. Let's have a look at them.

The lineup consist of a 4.3mm, 4.8mm, and 5.8mm.
The 4.3mm is perfect for Yokomo spec ball ends, while the 4.8mm works with 3Racing & MST. Lastly the 5.8mm is for all the uprights balls like Yokomo uprights or for dampers caps and such. Either way, there is plenty of choice to please us.

The tool feels nice, light and solid. They are just over 8cm tall which might make them a pain to store in your toolbag without moving around and getting lost, that's why I'd advise to keep them in a smaller box to avoid having one runaway. One side shows the Topline logo while the other shows the ball size.


Each reamer has a screw at the end which is used to control the reamer ball size. The more you tighten the screw, the bigger the ball spreads and gouges the ball end. Note that to use these tools, you will have to use open ended ball ends. Aside of Yokomo, not that many manufacturer make these so remember to drill them if they are solid.

Snap your ball in and get a feel for how much friction you are getting, then snap the tool in and start spinning it within. After a while, snap you ball in the end to see if the friction is starting to fade away. If it's still a bit stiff, keep on going until you reach the desired result.


I personally found this tool excellent for the 5.8mm Yokomo ball ends as these always tend to have a massive amount of friction. This eventually just gives more work to your servo. It also worked well on the overdose curved ball ends which are suppose to be 4.8mm but always end up being way too tight.


Priced just around $8.50 each, I think these little guys are really an essential tool for experienced drifter looking to complete their pit bag. However, one thing I would be very careful with is not to lose the little screws as it might be a pain to source those from somewhere else.

Final Result: A

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