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Featured Chassis! EVOLution!

Posted by Chris Mach on

What up everybody? Today I'm going to start off a new series of blog posts. My goal is to do one every chance I get. Hopefully It's at least one a month. If I happen to be off schedule then I hope you guys can understand. This month is my very own custom RWD D-like EVOL Soundmeister that I acquired through Raikou Drift Shop. This chassis was built and tuned to become my "All-around Missile." A go to chassis to get the job done and have fun in. Tuning is still being done but I feel I'm getting close to where I need to be based on most surfaces I drift on. A huge chunk of the build was supported by RDS! I really hope you guys enjoy it. A very big thanks to Brandon of Raikou and Motokazu Ando of Tetsujin!  Here we go!


Chassis Specifications:



  • D-like Front and Rear Damper Towers
  • Kazama DG-5 shocks with OEM TRF parts
  • Vertex RC Lower adjustable width arms
  • Vertex RC Upper Adjustable arms
  • D-like Type E Front Lower Y-arms
  • D-like RER V1 Rear Knuckles
  • D-like RER V1 Front Knuckles
  • Topline MRT Upper A-arms
  • Tail Slider Slide Rack
  • RPM Ends and MST Steel Turnbuckles
  • RC926 Ultra Softs Rear and Medium Hards


  • OTA-R31 Ball Diff with 37T
  • Hot Bodies TC-D 510mm Belt
  • K-factory 17T Center Pulley
  • Kawada 90T Spur
  • Mikuni Factory 20T Pinion
  • Wrap-Up Next RWD Pin Axles
  • Yokomo Axles/CVD's
  • MST 5mm Hubs
  • M's Products Heavy Flywheel Weight
  • D-like Alloy Spur Holder


  • MST FXX-D SSG Battery Mounts
  • K-Factory/Team Magic Alloy Suspension Pin Mounts
  • Team Magic Front and Rear Drivetrain Bulkheads
  • D-like Alloy Motor and Geartrain Bulkhead
  • K-Factory Alloy Upper Bulkhead to Damper Stay Mounts
  • D-like Upper Alloy Plate
  • K-Factory Rear Bumper Plate


  • G-Force TS120A ESC
  • G-Force Supersonic 10.5T
  • Hirosaka Racing DC-1 Servo (Pictured) - Now a Spektrum S6070
  • D-like Real Dri Gyro


Body painted by Ryan Hellrung of STLRC Drift.

All photos were Professionally done by Jeff Le Photograpy. Go to his facebook and give him a LIKE below!

Jeff Le Photography Facebook Page

Check out his personal webpage too!


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