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Raikou D70/EX45 and DP30 review (for RWD application)

Posted by Chris Mach on

Hey guys! Over the weekend I've spent my afternoon testing Raikou's D70 and DP30 tires specifically for RWD styles. Ideal conditions for these tires are ones that are unfinished but still uniform such as smooth concrete, asphalt and pavement. Avoid using these on epoxied, polished or tile surface and they will have very little grip. Good news since that's most outdoor venues will consist of. The speed they allow is very scale. These tires are made of a hard High Density Polyethylene or HDPE for short. When comparing these to the MST's gold dots, they come out to be just a tad harder or for a slower slower speed. The D70/EX45 shine when used in conjunction with the DP30 and vice versa. The DP30 are one of my top constant grip tires and just like the D70 and EX45 are best suited for smooth concrete, asphalt and pavement. They are also made from the same HDPE. If used on any other surface that is slicker then they may start to plow. Remember when using the DP30 with other drive tires is to make sure they are of similar hardness or harder to avoid plowing. Below is a video I did in front of my apartment complex. The surface is a smooth asphalt which was laid down late spring. I chose to do a cone set up so I can simulate different maneuvers to show technical handling as well as long sweeper type turns. To me these two tires will serve as a very good spec tire on smooth paved surfaces for those looking for scale speeds. Very consistent as well while on-throttle and off-throttle. Chassis is a custom RWD D-Like EVOL. Thanks for reading!


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