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Jackknife Rc Customs R31House GRK global build

Posted by Chris Kinner on

I am honored and consider myself lucky to gotten the chance to fulfill a dream of mine by building a high end rwd drift car from the ground up. I always see the cool guys over seas with awesome looking drift package conversions and am always extremely jealous, but like many others I wanted to more than just to imitate. I wanted to do something unique and all my own. Thankfully with the help of Raikou drift shop I was able to accomplish my goal.

Lets begin!I was pleasantly surprised to find the standard kit comes with a ball differential as well as a solid spool option. I have never tried a ball diff before.

Thankfully it comes pre assembled

Remember the thread locker!!!

 Instructions are very understandable 

Motor mount installed

Spur, pinion, and diff case installed

All that i needed from bag C

Bag C parts installed

All I needed from bag D

The grease is from bag V

Remember to inspect your lash! This shim setup almost ruined a perfectly good gear.

 All i needed from bag E the curved rack is from the conversion kit

Ready for some top plate action!

If I'm honest I still don't totally know if I had to do this, but I did anyway, and as always safety first!

I actually upgraded to the carbon fiber bits after the build. Has much more shock options.

Beginning to assemble the RER hybrid rear suspension swap. I really like how the shock mounts to the knuckle in this design. 

Front end looks ready!Parts from bag HMore D Like goodness!All drive shafts i could find were too long for this application. I decided to use the drive cups from the grk kit and modify my own drive shafts. More on that later...As you can see the RER rear arms are considerably short. We can fix that ;)And who doesn't love gold?!

Please forgive me, in such a rush to get pictures I may have taken these early. But I think you get the idea. After driving the car a few times I have made some major changes to this setup. Initially I made it entirely too wide, so all of these ball ends have since been changed. Keep a good eye on the more complete pictures towards the end!

Before I even drove it I dis assembled it and added silver non locking m3 nuts. I use them as jam nuts when I make adjustments. Reminds me much of adjusting real cars... loosen, adjust, equalize and tighten. 

D Like arms are 3mm, and the grk is 2.5mm. Some Ms conversion pins to the rescue <3 A couple of things I changed now that I am driving it is; I am using wrapupnext threaded spacers instead of those weights for the shock ball ends. I also removed the silver spacer entirely, it took my cars track width from I think 190mm down to something workable :D

With the spacers!

The RER swap with the grk std 5mm offset wheels.

I actually upgraded from these shocks, but I did love how these performed for me. I just bought a set of RER shocks and springs and built them the same. Can you tell I love D Like?!

Everything inside the shocks need pre soak. A few hours, to a day max. Helps a lot I have found.

These plastic shocks have a dust ring for the top threads. When you thread the cap on it seats on the ring. 

Pay close attention building your dampers, even the clips have an orientation. When I build my shocks I make sure the smoother surface touches the plastic piston. This way it doesn't wear the piston over time and everything can move and flow freely. 

A little slime lets the o ring slide over the threads stress free, and the soaked internals help prevent bubble issues in the bottom end. 

Some exercising by hand before vacuum treatment. First compressed, then extended.

The proof is in the Ds Racing pudding!

I got excited and test fitted, before i learned they need an odd size bearing... and this was backwards o.O

D Like love <3

Love love love raikou drift tires <3

Spring and shock upgrade

Closer to how it sits now


Long awaited finalized setup pictures as promised. Sorry about the wait but i finally had a chance to mate the body to the chassis for the first time and finished the rear end swap. I hope everybody likes it!

This picture i think shows the coolest part of this setup. The d like hopping bones have springs in them, the GRK spool diff is hollow, and also has a spring in it. So the drive train floats using spring tension right at the center of the differential, further separating unsprung weight from the chassis. 

The reason i wanted to do this suspension setup so badly is because my daily driver has the shocks mounted directly to the knuckle. I wanted to learn more about it, and i do every time i look at it. At first frankly I wasn't sure of the advantages, I above all else thought it was cool. I am learning that the biggest advantage is the ability to tune rear wheel grip simply with shock and spring setup. This setup has I believe the lowest possible unsprung weight. This list of things not supported by the springs are the spring perch, shock shaft and piston, rodend, ballend, steering knuckle, cvd, bearings, 3mm wheel hex, the wheel, tire and finally lug nuts. There is so little unsprung weight it makes incredibly high rear grip achievable. This allows me to do my favorite thing, which is build and re-build shocks to tune. 

Actually have more castor in the back ;) i found negative castor to be very grippy. positive castor (in the back I'm talking) to be smoother.

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